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Forgotten Kanzashi - Part 3 by Arleen Forgotten Kanzashi - Part 3 by Arleen
Part of my Forgotten Kanzashi Set ->…

Kofuku - Blissfulness

Kofuku was made in February 2011. Photographed on February 13, 2011 it undergone a major surgery just now. Along with other kanzashi it was lent to a photo company, which ruined a lot of them. Kofuku was lest destroyed, so up till now I didn't feel like remaking it. 

Originally made to wear with my red yukata, it proved a lovely kanzashi for more than one ensemble. It's not likely I will wear it soon (I've cut off my almost waist-length have because of an illness what ruined them), but I'm happy to hair it with me for special occasions like dressing somebody else.

So, it's possible to save kanzashi even at it's worst moment! Too bad I can's seem to find the photo of the state it was in in 2012 after returning to me after the photo-shoot. You could see that it was a real mess! 

While giving it a kanzashi SPA I've smoothed out the mangled wires, gave it a new set of cords and beads and also I've added a new shidare to balance the whole 


Kofuku in Full Regalia by Arleen

Sorry about the watermark, seen too many of my kanzashi turned inton Second Life or Imvu products....
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EruwaedhielElleth Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
That's a cute kanzashi! Maybe you could attach the flower bunch to a headband or hat for short hair so you could wear it? It's sad that someone would handle it roughly after you'd been kind enough to lend it to them,  :( I'm glad you were able to fix it.

 I just made a replacement for a small ruined piece recently, it was missing a flower, the remaining ones were dirty and crushed and the wire was rusted.  I had made it for an older lady my mother helps take care of sometimes, she has Alzheimers, so she doesn't remember me most of the time, but she does like the flowers I make for her. According to Mom, she had refused to take this one out of her hair, and slept and showered with it for several weeks, and of course it was never meant to take that kind of abuse. I shouldn't be bothered by it under the circumstances, since it was literally loved to death, and she got so much enjoyment from it. Still, it was kind of sad to me to see my work in that condition.
Arleen Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks! I think I will leave it as is, though as it wouldn't look as good. I'll keep it, but as a nice memorial piece ;) 

Well, I'm sorry to hear you were upset about the kanzashi, but the only consolation was she literally loved it that much. And elderly people have their quirks, especially when serious illness messes with their mental state. In my case it was sheer ignorance and neglect - the result is the same, as no artist wants to see their work abused, but the reasons were different. Even if your kanzashi got ruined (and any kanzashi would) it brought happiness to an elderly woman. I was never able to see the photos, which as I was told, got rejected by a client and destroying them did no one any good. Not a big consolation, but I hope it's something ^^
EruwaedhielElleth Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
It is comforting, and while still a tiny bit sad, I did understand and didn't feel as badly as I would have in any other situation. I am glad at least this lady's quirks are happy ones!

They wouldn't even let you see the photos? That's not right, I would not have been happy at all. I hope they at least paid you for the damage they caused. :(
Arleen Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
They didn't, but it was because they tried to blame one another and I'd loose more nerves than it was worth it. 
But it was a good way to exercise my skills at repairing kanzashi 
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